Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Hiro's House

My concept for Hiro's house from Big Hero 6! Check out the whole article

Probably my last post on here for a while but I'll still update my Tumblr with more Big Hero stuff soon.


View Website Securities Attorney said...

What a great house!

Inflow Cloud Contact Center Providers said...

I'm curious how it looks in person.

Gerald Gordge said...

Hi Scott,

I just bought the art of Big Hero 6 and your art is an absolute inspiration. Your gestural clean lines and grasp of 3d space in your drawings makes environmental and architectural production art an absolute joy to look at. As somebody that struggles to find excitement in environmental art, your work has been a real eye opener.

Keep doing awesome work, later.

The Best Dover DE Event Security said...

I like how it had been created.