Friday, November 02, 2012


Here are some sketches I did for Wreck it Ralph. It just came out today so check it out!!!

And here is bonus! from Paperman the shortfilm in front of Wreck it Ralph. It was a lot of fun working with a small creative team on such an innovative concept. It would have never been possible without it's extraordinary team and amazing director John Khars.


Gillibean said...

beautiful work Scott! i was lucky enough to see Paperman back in June when John came to London. These images are wonderful! Cant wait to see it again with WIR.

Michael Yates said...

Great stuff Scott! Both Ralph and Paperman are amazing! Keep up the good work!

Kyrstin said...

Gorgeous stuff! I especially love the second Paperman piece. Can't wait to see these two films!

Gyimah said...

These are gorgeous! I saw both super inspiring work ,congrats

Martin Kau said...

caught the sneak peak couple weeks ago! Dude great work!!! both the short and film were heart string tuggers :)

Andrew Bosley said...

Great work, Scott! That short is my favorite of all times!

philip vose said...

these are awesome, Scott. miss ya old pal, hope things are great!

Dominic Piché said...

Very impressive stuff, very artistic , love it!

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