Wednesday, November 01, 2006

This is the Fish Pot Ghost or "Nabe Ghost." A little something for an art challenge. I've been playing Okami lately and was influenced by old Japanese imp paintings. This guy loves to eat green onions and the souls of hungry lost travelers. His back is made from a pot or "nabe". The things he eats have been known to show up in a soup made in the nabe. Which is what hungry travalers see, a big pot of tasty fish head soup with a dash of YOUR SOUL.

Mine and Kendelle's Pumkin. She wanted to color these little design drawings. I'm so glad that all those days in art school are finally starting to pay off.

Paper Mache masks made to scare the little boogers that come to are door. Kendelle's is "Barrel" and mine is "Lock."
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween


Balkandude said...

:-) The Masks are very nice!

Noah Klocek said...

Awesome pumpkins and masks, I love halloween.

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