Sunday, August 06, 2006

Thanks for all the great comments on mario guys, really appreciated. This was just a little challenge me and a couple of guys at the office were doing. Pick your faviorite 80's iconic character(s) and draw them in your favorite artist style. So just a little Gooines in Jamie Hewlett's style. Feel free to do your own little something and let me know.


Brittah said...

Well done. I can recognize each character easily...but where are the ladies!?! Sniff...sniff. Maybe they're hiding behind sloth.
Looks like you had fun with this project ...I'm kinda' curious what your co-workers turned out.

Jimmy Lam said...

that is mad skillery that's rite i said skillery!

MARK DORN said...

NIce stuff scott. Sounds like a fun project. I really like sloth's design...dopeness indeed.