Tuesday, March 28, 2006



Archibob said...

i dig it dude. I'm totally getting a Frezzato vibe off of it too.


Anonymous said...

scott where are you?

-PEZ of the RHC (nor cal divisoin)

incase you cant figure it out...this is TAYLOR

Anonymous said...


is my email

kevmesser said...

I like the direction you went with this one man...the whole mirror thing is a clever solution. I meant to tell you that there's a Doppleganger card for Magic: The Gathering that's pretty cool, although it's basically just two magical looking chicks back-to-back.

Brittah said...

Nice work Scott. I look foward to your future posts.

Chris said...

wow. your pretty much 'the shit'. that makes everyone else just 'plain shit'. Doesn't it?

Scott, as I walked through the graduating class's gallery I kept coming back to the right-hand wall. Great stuff and good luck in the future. You're pretty-darn talented along with that whole senior class. Glad I stumbled across this blog.

-chris palmer

Sasha Volynets said...

Hey Scott,
Beautiful work! Congrats on your graduation and good luck in the future. I'm linking you.

Sasha Volynets

Archibob said...

hey dude, i just wanted to pop in and say congrats on the graduation. hope all is well dude. keep in touch